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The weather forecast was not too promising as I set off to Biggin Hill for the Business at Bromley Expo, which took place on the 16th September. I eventually arrived at around 7.30 a.m., unloaded my gear and set myself up in my appointed area. 

The exhibition was held in the large aerodrome, surrounded by fields and car parking spaces. Inside the aerodrome there were old World War 2 Spitfire planes, interspersed with private jets, the nostalgic mixed with the modern.

This was my second business exhibition and I had learnt a lot from my first experience. For a start, I had brought with me large quantities of bottled water, so as I could lubricate my tonsils more easily whilst chatting to the visitors. I also remembered to purchase a table and tablecloth as well as bring along a few freebies, including coasters and (as it was close to the rugby World Cup) some stress rugby balls.

I have to say that I felt so much more relaxed than the first time. I believe that to be the case in most walks of life when you try something new – it always feels better the second time around.

As well as meeting and greeting lots of visitors and offering jelly babies and freebies, I was also able to converse with my fellow exhibitors, who seemed to be having an pleasurable time. I was fortunate to be in the vicinity of stands that offered cakes and healthy cereals, which was not conducive to trimming my expanding waistline.

As I was packing away my gear and leaving the aerodrome, the heavens opened and found myself almost soaked to the skin. Good job I brought a waterproof overcoat with me. 

The weather didn’t dampen my spirits and I enjoyed the whole occasion. Exhibitions will not guarantee you business straight away (unless you have consumables to sell) but it does raise your profile. The next time I will bring along someone with me who can look after the stand, whilst I’m able to roam around the exhibition and pick up lots of pens and other assortments of gifts on offer.


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