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Life is full of twists and turns as they say, so the journey to Supportivity has filled me with excitement, passion and anticipation. It’s been a year in the making but all the blood, sweat and tears have being so worth it.

Supportivity is the culmination of a career in people curiosity. The allure of self-employment began when 3 years ago I took out a HR franchise, which provided me with valuable lessons in how to run a small business. Prior to this, I worked in oil distribution (not as an oil baron), waste and facilities management. I also had a stint as a HR manager working in a care home run by nuns, whose commitment and dedication were second to nun (sorry, none). My career in people interest really got off on the right track (pardon the pun) when I worked for the rail industry.

Supportivity is the vehicle for me to exercise my core values (trust, loyalty, dedication, resilience, humour to name but a few) and to give something back to people who want to develop their careers and owners who want to grow their business through their people.

The experience in life’s journey has been a rewarding one. That’s why I want to support businesses and the people who work in them so as their journey will take them on the road to professional and personal success and happiness.

The University of Life can only go so far, so I have gained qualifications in HR Management, Business & Executive Coaching and Mediation. I’m also qualified and trained to provide feedback via personality questionnaires, a catalyst for your journey of development.

On a personal level, I’m married to Jan and we have an extended family of four children and seven grandchildren, who I love dearly. I’m a long suffering Crystal Palace fan and believe me, you have to be resilient in supporting them. I also play a bit of drums and would welcome the opportunity to “jam” with a few musicians, who I love to hang around with.

Keep smiling

Bernie O’Keeffe
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