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Coaching is often seen as an overused word in which there are different guises and requirements. There are performance coaches, fitness coaches, business coaches, development coaches, to name but a few. In fact, there are more coaches than you would see at Victoria Coach Station (excuse the analogy). I do want to state that all coaches should have one aim in common: to support their clients in achieving their personal goals and realising their potential.

Think of the coach as the Prime Supporter in your journey of self-confidence, self-awareness and goal achievement. Nothing delights a coach more than to see their clients reach their aspirations and realise the fruits of their development. 

Why do people need a coach in the first place? In most cases it is because they see a person who they can share their ideas and aspirations with and know that they will not be judged. In fact, coaching is really about allowing you to weigh up the pros and cons in your life, allowing you to move forward in the direction that suits you. You are not competing against anyone, you just want to be the best you can be in whatever road life’s journey takes you.

The coach will be your number 1 supporter. That’s not to say they won’t challenge you, or make you think differently on how to achieve your future visions or aspirations. Think of someone who supports a football team. They will always stay loyal to their club, even when the going gets tough. A coach will also support you and be there for you in the good, as well as difficult, times. 

The Supportivity aim is to be the Prime (Number 1) Supporter to businesses and their employees, so as they can be successful in the short, medium and long term. Supportivity will be always be empathetic in enabling your success, as well as being your number 1 supporter. 

Good luck to you all in your journey of development.   

Bernie O’Keeffe

Prime Supporter


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