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Whenever I attend networking events and meet with small business owners, I’m intrigued to hear them say that HR is very important, particularly when employing people. The main area of concern for SME’s is keeping on the right side of employment law. Supportivity would always agree that the need for contracts and handbooks provides clarity and certainty. Without these it would be like playing a sport where there are no rules and you make them up as you go along.


I’m now finding that clients are looking at more than just contracts and handbooks to deliver people contribution and it becomes more relevant as you employ more staff in order to grow your business.

So what other areas should SME’s focus on as part of their people growth? 

Supportivity would ask you to consider the following:

Recruitment & Selection

Look at your current recruitment practices and see how effective they are. Do you have the appropriate job description? How do you recruit? How good are your interviewing skills? What type of questions are you asking? 


Do you have an induction programme that provides training and support to new employees? Does it cover the essential areas of your business? Do you provide ongoing feedback as to how employees are performing in their new role?

Ongoing Development

Do you monitor and discuss the development of your employees on a regular basis? What feedback do provide? Do you focus on the positive as well as the negative? (We’re all guilty of the latter from time to time).

If you’ve mainly answered no to the questions, then why not strike while the irons hot and let Supportivity empower you to improve your skills and build on your success.

There’s no time like the present, so why not give Supportivity a call and we can have a chat about the areas you feel are worth investigating.

At Supportivity we never tell you how to run your business. You can look on us a guide, coach, mentor and primarily as your Prime Supporter to deliver that people contribution.  


Bernie O’Keeffe

Prime Supporter


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