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The Supportivity journey continues with the acquisition of a new toolkit. What type of kit might you ask? Talk to my wife and she’ll say that my DIY skills are next to none, so why bother obtaining a kit you have no intention of using.


Well, this kit is definitely going to be used to support my clients. The tool is called the Coach Master Toolkit, which will allow Supportivity to provide structure and guidance to clients. The intention is not to tell a client what to do, how to behave, or to impose my thoughts and ideas. 

Think of these tools like that of a motor mechanic’s. You go along to a garage and say that your car is making a funny sound from the engine. They will ask a few questions such as: Where is the noise coming from? When does it occur? Nowadays, mechanics provide a diagnostic check that identifies what, or from where, the problem is located. Consequently, they know which tools need to be used in order that your car can be restored to rude health and is up and running in a smooth and reliable manner.

The toolkit runs along the same lines. The client has issues they believe want solving or fixing from a personal or their business perspective. They outline what the problems are and you put questions to them that will tease out more information. Supportivity uses such tools to identify the best way to work with the client so as the correct solutions are found and which they conclude is most beneficial to them.

The toolkit aligns with the Supportivity values which are: to listen to the client requirements and provide the right tools and solutions to enable people or businesses to grow and develop.


Supportivity is always on the lookout for products and services that will benefit clients, so it has enough tools in the box to empower business success. 

Bernie O’Keeffe

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