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On the 15th October 2014, I did it for the first time. Supportivity is no longer an exhibitor virgin. Yes, I booked a stand at the Bank on Business Expo and promoted Supportivity to the curious and the interested who attended the exhibition at the Cooling’s Nurseries Garden Centre, in leafy Sevenoaks, situated in the “Garden of England” (most appropriate).

There were a variety of businesses promoting their products and services as well as speakers and raffle prizes (I won a bottle of champers).

The atmosphere at the Expo was friendly and relaxed, so it was an ideal setting for Supportivity to become initiated into the world of Expo.

With the support of John Burley and Jonathan Kearley, I got there nice and early (nice rhyme) and set up shop with my large Supportivity banner and promo leaflets. 

Now that I’ve popped my cherry, allow me to pass on a few learning tips to anyone thinking of exposing themselves at such an event:

1. Make sure you have the right size table to place your promotional wares.

2. Wear comfortable footwear (my high heels were killing me)

3. Bring along a comfy chair so you can rest your weary plates from time to time

4. Keep a record of potential clients to contact in the near future

5. Make time to visit and chat to co-exhibitors (they could be potential clients)

6. Bring plenty of drinking water so you don’t dehydrate

7. See if you can bring along a friend or business colleague who can cover for you when you need the loo, a spot of lunch or valuable networking

The Expo is another milestone on the journey of Supportivity and I’ve an insatiable appetite for more now that I’ve broken my duck.

Bernie @ Bank on Business Expo

Bernie O’Keeffe

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