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For all you non-football lovers out there, please forgive my small indulgence.

There has always being an emphasis on training footballers so they maintain their skills and fitness. These are essential elements in a professional footballers make up. 

Now there is more focus on their development. You hear commentators and pundits talk about a young player at a certain stage in their development and how they are continuing to learn about the game.

Training is about the here and now, making sure that footballers are fit and able to go out on a Saturday afternoon (or any other day of the week depending on the T.V. schedules). Development is about looking further afield and thinking broader.  I can’t claim to know the ins and outs of a professional football club but I would be confident in stating that the real talent in the club are nurtured and developed to ensure that it benefits both smaller clubs, who can sell their star player to a bigger club for a sizeable fee, to the big clubs who need to retain their talented players in the hope of winning trophies.

Within the work environment we too train people to do their job effectively. Imagine going into your local supermarket and found employees were unable to operate the till. 

The question Supportivity would like to put is this: how can SME’s support their talented people to enhance their development? 

Supportivity is keen to work with business owners in the area of people development. Why not let Supportivity play a part in the development of your people so as they will deliver the contribution that will empower your business success.

Supportivity believes that talented people will want to work for you because you are seen as an employer who values and supports their development as much as their training.   

Bernie O’Keeffe

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