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I’ve been fascinated with cultures that define a company and what it means to small business owners. 

If you take the word culture and take off the last three letters, you have the word cult. The cult word can take on a bit of a sinister overtone as it implies there is something about a cult that means you belong to a company which demands a type of worship and devotion. 

The culture word sounds less aggressive and not as threatening – in some instances. On a positive note you can describe organisations as having a “caring culture” a “learning culture”. The less positive would be a “bullying culture” or a “fear culture”.  

In their book “Built to Last” by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras, they describe how successful companies develop a cult like culture that requires a 100% dedication and devotion to the organisation. 

I’ve noticed over the past few years that business owners are looking for the type of person that fits the culture of their company and subscribes to its purpose and values. They want their employees not only to have the capabilities to carry out the role they are employed for but to buy into the company culture. In looking for this requirement, does this make an SME owners business feel like being a member of cult?

The other question is: who sets the culture within a company, particularly one that is growing in the number of employees? Does the business owner begin to lose control of his business and find that the culture they desire has changed or is being hi-jacked?

Supportivity recommends that in order to “deliver people contribution” SME’s should have a clearly defined purpose and set of values that will allow the true culture to grow and nurture.  

Why not call me for a chat so we can discuss how you wish the shape the culture of your business so as you can Empower Business Success.



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