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Bear with me whilst I recount a storey that might amuse you. The scenario is slightly adapted to protect the innocent.

I was having lunch with two people who work for the same company, with whom I provide people support. One individual was talking about the fact that he was taking an advanced driving test. Part of the test included a multiple-choice questionnaire, for which he had to achieve a minimum pass mark of 35 out of 40. The other person then asked what was his score, to which he replied 37. To my surprise and somewhat amusement, instead of congratulating him on his success, his response was “what questions did you get wrong?”


Later, when they left, I thought about that response and wondered how the other person felt. Maybe he didn’t notice or care. As far as he was concerned he had passed and that was all that mattered.

I then thought of the number of times that business owners, managers and even fellow work colleagues begrudge someone who has achieved success in some shape or form. I am also guilty of “begrudgery” from time to time.

I believe there is a gut instinct in human beings that initially begrudges the achievements of their fellow man or women. On the other side of the coin, we try not to look too pleased if we are recognised for our successes, lest we are believed to be some sort of ego maniac.

At Supportivity, we would say don’t be a begrudger. Give people praise when they have achieved something special at work on in life, even if at times they are too modest to accept it. Deep down they are only too delighted to receive such praise, with the result that they want to perform even better for you as a business owner. A salesman once told me that after receiving praise from his boss he wanted to leap five feet in the air and sell to as many customers as possible.

So, do not be seen to look or behave like a begrudger, even if your instinct tells you to be one. 

Bernie O’Keeffe

Prime Supporter


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