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What is Supportivity?

Supportivity offers a variety of people solutions for Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and business owners.

Throughout our lives – from cradle to grave - we as human beings need support from others in some shape or form.

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Human Resources

Managing people in your business can throw up challenges when you least expect.

From our experience business owners tend to ask one key question: “How do I keep on the right side of the (employment) law?”

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Training and Development

It’s day one and your new employee arrives for work. He/she have the skills you’re looking for but at the same time you have a valuable asset that you want to see grow and develop in your business a play a major part in your ongoing success.

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We live in a world of conflict and confrontation is ever present. The fact is that all conflicts – even if they’ve being ongoing for years and years - have to end sometime, so as people can move on and live a more fruitful life.

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