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Human Resources

Managing people in your business can throw up challenges when you least expect.

From our experience business owners tend to ask one key question: “How do I keep on the right side of the (employment) law?”

Human ResourcesWe always answer that having the right documentation (contracts & handbooks) is fine but think of these as insurance policies - you only need them when you have an employment issue or to clarify a legal requirement. Also, they bring a sense of clarity and certainty both to you, the business owner and the employee.

The key element is to provide a prospective or current employee with a solid job description, so as they fully understand what they’re role is; even if you believe them have the right skills and abilities.

The job description should be linked to an effective training and development programme that allows the new and current employees to grow and develop in their job. In return you get back long term loyalty and commitment that money can’t buy. Think about this. If your HR systems show that you’re the employer of choice in your line of business, then talented people will have a sense of belonging.

Let Supportivity give that added support to get the most out of your people, guaranteeing that your business will keep successfully growing.

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