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Coaching and Mentoring

Do you remember when you were at school? Some teachers you got on with and as for others, well the less said…..

Coaching and Mentoring

The good ones were those who listened to you and provided advice and guidance without necessarily judging you or your abilities. They saw in you potential in you and helped you unlock it.

Not only at school, but also in life. Think of your parents, family, work colleagues or people in life who you respected because they had the perception and understanding and believed in your abilities, at the same time were honest and constructive in their supporting feedback.

Supportivity’s coaching and mentoring programmes uses the same approach, by creating a unique programme that will support their growth, needs and development. We coach and mentor business owners and employees at all levels. We add value by supporting them in their overall development.

Supportivity’s approach in turn is empowering, enlightening, motivational and encouraging. This in turn creates trust, rapport and confidence that allow people to open their minds and to focus on what they truly want both in their work and life.


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